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Carla Thomas
Master Massage Therapist
10+ Years of Experience

"Thanks so much for the relaxing massage.  I'm looking forward to a stress free weekend."  Janis

"You are truely a blessing to me!  My body was crying - you made it sing again!"  Thank you, Tammie

"I never had an hour go by so fast in my life!  It was great!"  Thanks again, Alicia

"Always great, very relaxing, never want it to stop.  Works wonders for the body."  John

"This is the best massage I've ever had.  I have never been more relaxed.  I will definitely not go to Little Rock again for a massage!"  Renea

"A wonderful, relaxing experience.  I felt completely rejuvenated!"  Angel

"Most relaxing massage I've had i a very long time!  Wonderful experience."  Jennifer

"Top notch!  Extremely relaxing massage!"  Linda

"This is the most relaxed I've been in years.  This was a wonderful massage.  I WILL be back."  Thanks, Sherri

"Considering that I'm 32 weeks pregnant with twins, my entire body ached until I had my massage.  You did a wonderful job.  I am SO relaxed.  Thank you."  Until next time, Melissa

"This was my first massage ever.  I can't believe what I have been missing.  This was wonderful.  I can't remember when I have felt this good. "  Thanks!  Kathy

"It was great!  I didn't realize how massage on my wrists and hands would make them fell so much better."  PF

"Carla is grounded and gives "Lagniappe" - That 13th oyster when ordering a dozen ... a 60 minute plus to each session.  To experience her treatment on a Friday afternoon is to go into the weekend RELAXED and TOXIN FREE."  Joe


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